Who we are

We are a Papillon puppy breeders and sellers. We have puppies for sale from our litters of six to eight puppies. We have both male and female puppies, with a variety of colors and cuteness! Our puppies come with health guarantees and up-to-date vaccinations. Buy Puppies Online

We want you to have the best experience possible when buying a Papillon puppy. We will answer any questions that you may have about our puppies, how we breed them, or the buying process. Feel free to email us at  papillonpuppies989@gmail.com if you have any questions!

The History of the Papillon

The Papillon is a small, elegant dog with a flowing mane and tail. The breed originated in the mountainous regions of France, where they were used as hunting dogs. Today, the Papillon is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, and there are many varieties available.

The Papillon derives its name from the French word for butterfly, papillon. This breed was developed in the 1800s as a hunting dog in France’s mountainous regions. They were used to flush out game such as hares and rabbits from high altitudes. The small size and agility of the Papillon made it an ideal choice for this type of work.

Today, the Papillon is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. There are many variations available, including toy poodles, miniature poodles, danese poodles, English bulldogs, and shih tzus. The Papillon is an active breed that loves to play games such as fetch and Frisbee. Buy Puppies Online.