Shipping is safe and easy for all our Papillon puppy. The puppy will be delivered within 5-6 hours same day following the shipping date, based on the location you live in. Puppy/puppies on planes are the same as I am flying. I’ve been shipping dogs for more than 14 years at this point. I will always deliver directly, non-stop, when flying adults and puppies. In my experience and my opinion, my pups are at ease and their new owners tell me that their puppy is happy and not stressed at all. papillon puppies for sale near me. 

Our puppies are shipped via airlines since it’s the most efficient and secure method to move the puppies we have from our house to yours, particularly with living further away or in another state. Our puppies are transported in a pet kennel that we design based on the size of the puppy, the distance travelled, or the duration of the trip. They travel in an air-conditioned and pressurized compartment in the plane, which isn’t different from the rest of the plane. They’re not in the same cabin as the passengers’ baggage.

Our shipping crates are marked with bright “LIVE Animals” along with a “UP” sticker. We label the crates clearly with the airport where the puppy will go and our confirmation numbers, the number, and the address of the buyer. When we find out that the puppy will be transported, we play with them inside the crate before the shipping date, so that they get comfortable with the process. They’ve never been afraid of the cage. We have put plenty of food and plenty of water inside the shipping cage. The water supplies all the moisture that the puppy needs throughout the delivery.

The reason we do this is that should our puppy get stuck at the airport for a night (because of connecting flight issues or weather condition) We don’t need to be concerned about whether they’ve enough food or water. While traveling isn’t too difficult on our dogs, we do not want to see them stay longer than they absolutely need to in transit. Therefore, we look for the shortest route and always plan direct flights whenever workable.

We verify the conditions at the point of arrival before shipping and do so only when we think it is safe to ship. The health of our puppies is more important than anything else. We do not ship when we believe it may be risky for the well-being of the puppies. Most of the time, we ship on Sundays and Mondays. Your Papillon puppy is healthy. We will not ship if we believe it is unsafe on the puppies. Your puppy might require a few days to settle in after they have settled into their new home, and sometimes they need an entire day or two to get settled in however most clients tell us they walk out of the crate and feel right at home.

Nanny Shipping

We also can deliver your new puppy right into your arms! We are a dependable Airline Nanny who will take your puppy straight to you. This is the most secure and most reliable, as well as most relaxing way for your puppy to arrive at your home. A puppy Nanny will take the puppy on board with them, and they can provide them with the care they require. We would like to provide the best treatment for your dog! papillon puppies for sale near me